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About the course
The course itself is a stand-alone product delivered online and in a format that accommodates all learning styles. It is presented by people who relate their first-hand experience of great success and leadership in a compelling format.

If you wish, you can pursue a Masters level, UK University qualification, deepening and expanding your learning on the award winning programme.

Course Outline
The course aims to

〉 Create new insights into what is holding you back at work or in your life, and what can help you move forward

〉 Build greater personal responsibility, behavioural flexibility and direction

〉 Offer a unique learning opportunity which is experiential and builds upon the Leadership Course experience.

The programme aspires to encourage participants to take the study and critical application of personal leadership development seriously, so as to make bold but realistic changes in their own life: transforming one’s own capabilities to influence positive outcomes. It is intentionally structured into three learning stages: studying one’s own work and life patterns, to act as a ‘departure’ from such patterns in realistic ways; studying decision making influences and patterns, demonstrating the importance of courage and decisiveness in the personal leadership ‘decision’; and finally, by studying and applying processes for resourcefulness and resilience to sustain ‘action’ over time. Deepening the learning from the programme, the modules covered are:

Departure: Building Self Awareness and Vision
Decision: Building Courage and Decisiveness
Action: Building Persistence and Resilience

How long will the programme take to complete?
We expect participants to take 90-120 days per module – but this is flexible (some participants may accelerate their learning).

What happens when the course is completed?
Many people find themselves still using the programme 5-7 years later finding new insights into existing material. There's more. Information is continually updated as new speakers and new information comes to light. Learning isn't static and neither is this course.

What are the requirements?
Be committed to being open-minded, reflective and apply your learning to your work/life.

The Results Are In!
"The 60-question survey was aimed at determining the changes in student’s lives since being introduced to the course. The results are undeniable. Categories that out-performed included an increase in confidence, accomplishing goals, adapting to change, and improvement in self-esteem. But the standout results were;
an increase of personal responsibility at 92%;
enhanced life direction 95%;
enrichment of judgement 95%;
gain in personal commitment 98% and
expansion of resourcefulness where students indicated an amazing increase of 99%.

This course and the company were recipients of the Learning! 100 Award for 2012. Learning! 100 is an international awards program, honouring organisations by recognising contributions to learning culture, innovation and organisational performance. Previous winners include American Express, Google, IBM, Adobe and Dell."

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Not all course content is created equal. Whether corporate, personal or youth development, this programme/curriculum is unsurpassed as is testified by the high profile awards, including the Learning! 100 award for excellence in education and voted top 3 in the world by in their Leadership 500 Excellence Awards.
This course is delivered online and contains 600 pages of work book along with many hours of video and audio content along with a propitiatory journal and goal setting system. Results occur within the first week and are lasting. With this exceptional, online personal development training you are not tied to time or place. This inspirational content is not delivered by slide shows and webinars but have been awarded the Remi and Telly awards for the production values.

2012 won a Learning 100 Award for its educational content

2010 & 2011 won a list of Telly Awards for superior video content

2012 it won a Remi Award in the documentary category

2011 it was shortlisted for an Academy Award