It can be a hard pill to swallow but are where we are in life through the choices that we make. If we are looking for different results in our lives, we must first accept responsibility for our choices but when we do that, a whole new world opens up to us. Now we act instead of react. We now see that with personal responsibility comes improved decision making that leads to better results. Better results lead to better self awareness and better self awareness leads to increased confidence.

No one likes to challenged on what they believe to be true so the space created in life coaching is one of non-judgement and confidentiality. Life coaching creates a space of calmness where one can speak their mind and act confidently in the knowingness that the space is safe and that results are lasting.

Many people go through life on autopilot never questioning what they have been pre-programmed to do, it's not really a function of being human. Even if you run a self check you only operate within your own field of what is ‘correct’. Life coaching is the ‘two heads are better than one’ axiom and the definition that I like most when it comes to life coaching is that it's like talking with a really good friend who listens and offers good advice now and again.

I am happy to say that I maintain a great relationship with all my clients as they move forward in the direction of their goals with renewed vigor and change of perspective that benefits them and their lives as a whole.

If you are curious if life coaching is for you, call me and we can have a brief and relaxed, no obligation chat to see if we have a match.