The Cost of Change

In Chicago’s O’Hare airport on my way back from Hawaii and looking for some reading material, I came across a book by a gentleman named Ron Karr. The book is called “Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way.” Mr. Karr has been attributed with approximately $500m in sales. He’s motivational and one hell of salesman. I follow his LinkedIn forum which is a mine of information for people in sales. Interestingly enough, I am in sales. More interesting is his use of what I would term Personal Development techniques. Being in sales AND personal development myself, the book was a wow because every entrepreneur has to be a sales person.

From his LinkedIn forum Mr. Karr had invited a few of us to a webinar he hosted for free, imparting some of his wisdom. Again, he made common sense seem like the miraculous. You know when you say “Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense, how come I didn’t see that before?”. One of the nuggets that I took away is his formula for Perceived Value. CNC – CC = PV. As it turns out, it’s a formula for life.

To digress for a minute, there is a saying which goes “You should never ask an insurance salesman if you need insurance” and being a life coach, no-one is going to ask me if they need coaching. Part of that I believe has to do with a perceived negative starting point if you look for coaching. If it’s not broken, why do I need coaching? Did you know that at the top of his game, Tiger Woods swapped coaches to see if he could improve his swing? Imagine if everyone had taken the notion after the first maned flight that the whole flying thing had been done so what’s the point in trying? Humans have always looked to progress in the areas of freedom and potential.

So why change? What is the value of change? Well, to get the answer we use Mr. Karr’s formula; the Cost of No Change minus the Cost of Change equals Perceived Value. He used the example of buying his book; Annual Sales of $120,000 – price of the book (approx) $20 = $119, 980. Not much cause for change there. But let’s say that by purchasing and implementing the training and knowledge in the book you could double your annual turnover. The formula now looks like $120,000 (CNC) – $240,000 = -$120,000. The Perceived Value is now a negative figure. IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE YOU WILL LOSE OUT! You can continue being ‘OK’ or you can raise the bar on yourself.

So this is my point about coaching, you can continue plodding along being ‘OK’ in a zone where there appears to be no need for change. However, what value have you placed on the Cost of Change? Whatever your situation you can apply this formula. Want to give up smoking, what is the cost of change, what is the Cost of No Change? Want to go for that promotion, what is the Cost of No Change? In your life, what is the Cost of No Change?

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