a change of one degree will alter your destination

The story of Steve Donahue, the desert adventurer, is one that I still refer to. His analogy of life being like the Sahara that he crossed is probably still one of the best that I have heard. He relates how life, like the desert, doesn't have a map because of its shifting landscape, how we should seek the advice of those who have gone before to gauge what lies ahead and that no-one does it alone. Unlike the desert though, some journeys don't have a destination but a compass heading.

Consider another, bigger journey for which there is no map - crossing the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. Put yourself in the place of those early adventurers who set out with a mariner's astrolabe or sextant. Imagine the difference that one degree makes to that journey. In sport, a one degree change in stance changes the direction of the ball in golf or tennis.

In life, that vast, unmapped journey, the difference of just one degree now can have a big impact on the course of your life.