Do you go from day to day just going through routine longing for weekend? Wouldn't rather feel that your actions are worthwhile? Wouldn't like to wake up looking forward to your day, whatever it holds, work, play, house work? One of the by-products of great coaching is the pushing out of that hollow feeling that comes from living life on auto-pilot.
2. Decision Making
We make decision based on our programming. Like a computer we run on a series of "if>then" lines of programming; if I do this, then this will happen. But what if our basic programming is wrong? What if we were told that 1+1=3? We are all where we are in life because of our decision making processes, what we eat, where we work, where we live. Coaching assists in identifying faulty programming in order to make better decisions.
3. Results
Results come from better decision making but making decisions alone does not get results. A plan of action using your unique set of skills is required. It was Albert Einstein who said that if you tell a fish that it is no good at climbing a tree, it will go through life thinking it is a failure. Coaching assists you in finding your skills and finding your environment to optimise results.
4. Clarity
When you are up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember that your initial goal was to drain the swamp. Whether in life or in business there are many well intentioned voices, whether colleagues or the media, telling you what you want, what you need, who you should be, etc. That's great and each has their own value but at the end of the day, you are the decision maker and your voice should be the one that you are listening to. If you are honest with yourself, are you leading the life you want or the one your think you should be living?
5. Confidence
Above, I said your voice should be the one that is most trusted but that takes confidence. Confidence in your decision making abilities and even if a decision appears to be 'wrong', that you can course-correct and find yourself back on track. Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump are confident that they could be dropped anywhere in the world and they would make something of themselves. Donald Trump, US$75,000,000 in debt doesn't crumble or wonder "Why me?", he bounces back because he believes in himself, he is "The Donald!".
6. Tolerate Less. Create Boundaries
As a consequence of confidence we can now start to tolerate less of what we don't want in our lives. How often do we let this slide in our daily lives? We suppress what we truly feel in case it upsets others around us and we might get cast out of the herd. So how would it feel to communicate in an assertive but non-confrontational manner? How much more energy would you have to do the things you like? Define the boundaries you wish to operate in.


1.Talent Management
One of the basic desires of being human is the desire to be heard, the feeling that someone is listening. Coaching has been proven to show a sense of value to key staff by showing them that someone is listening and that someone has a genuine interest in them. This leads to a greater sense of loyalty, more input and a feeling of well being that permeates through the office environment.
Short, sharp sessions (surface coaching) can break through function fixedness and assist managers in seeing challenges from a different perspective, breaking down barriers to growth and progression in the space of an hour.

Some people may be great at what they do but have poor communication skills. In their drive to accomplish goals or targets they may feel they have to curtail pleasantries or they may feel that assertion is a dictatorial trait. Coaching passes on soft but key skills in emotional intelligence leading to better communication leading to better productivity.

4.Confidence and resilience
Confidence in ones ability can be shaken by a setback. 'Imposter syndrome' can kick in and no right action comes from a fearful mind. The ability to see this as localised rather than pervasive builds a resilient mindset and problems can be seen as opportunities rather than setbacks.
5.As an SME HR service
The Human Resource is the resource that all companies are built on. However, some companies are not large enough to merit a HR department to care for the growth and career development of their staff. In such a case, coaching or workshops are a great way to add cohesion to any size company or department.
6.Employee Engagement
Active employee disengagement costs companies and can have a 'rotten apple' effect. 1 employee in a company of 10 represents 10% of your workforce and can hamper productivity in the workplace. If they leave, you're looking at re-hiring and re-training costs.
Note: there are several by-products of coaching and it is very much a case of the rising tide lifting all boats. To work on one area of life sees an increase in other areas too. To have confidence in oneself means expanding one's comfort zone and making bolder decisions. The confidence to change knowing that wherever you find yourself, you know you'll be ok or to act in the knowledge that you can't fail are very powerful situations to find ourselves in.