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Why Coaching? FIRED UP!

Howard Hughes International for for the very best in personal development, life coaching, executive coaching, leadership training, Learning! 100 award, Oscar award, remi award, telly award, ranked second in the world by leadership award for Small Companies (less than 100 employees), masters level in personal leadership training from the University of Chester, and the best in executive education. We have a fantastic, affordable range of coaching packages to assist small business growth as well as human resources and communication tips that will increase productivity without increasing costs and add value to your business. Howard Hughes International does firewalks, firewalking, rebar bending, arrow snapping and glass walking for international clients such as Zoetis and for charities such as Temple Street Children's Hospital and Breast Cancer Research. So if you are looking for: better communication skills, increase confidence, better decision making, increase self-esteem, become better at handling change, increase your ability to handle your emotional state, better handle peer groups, better goal setting, increase your resilience to setbacks or increase your ability to influence then this is for you.
Howard Hughes is the author of Titan Thinking for Small Business - why your small business will probably fail if you don't follow these steps. Howard Hughes International is also the co-host of the Dublin Business Show on Charity Radio and is a firewalk instructor. Howard Hughes International does workshops and keynote speeches for companies looking for new way of thinking. Motivational speaking engagements for your clients or for your staff if you are looking for a novel, new or interesting way to engage your target audience or members of your team.